Do you want to host a workshop on the festival?
If you organize art/music/sport or wellness workshops, teach courses or passionate about your industry and have expertese- we are very glad to have you! Please write about how you can contribute to make the festival brighter!
Do you want to perform at Dobroslet?
If you have a band or you're a DJ, with experience performing on stage, a 1-5 minute clip of your performance, and a 30-60 minute set list, you can submit an application to participate in the evening concert on Saturday or Sunday.
Do you want to volunteer on the festival and become a part of our team?
This year, we will be creating a strong and cohesive team, and we need enthusiastic, open-minded, and kind individuals who will help make the festival unforgettable for all its participants. If you have the desire to join the team and invest 12 hours of your time in helping the festival, please write to us!
We need volunteers for: entrance registration, parking, cleaning the territory after the festival, assembling and installing tarps, tents, trampolines, and equipment before and after the festival. We are also looking for artists, decorators, and those who can help with festival decoration and bring new ideas.
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